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2009 Conference Presentation

Presentation Title: Determining and Comparing the Computing and Internet Skills and Learning Experiences of Freshmen and Senior Education Majors at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Presenter: Evan Sveum, Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Session Learning Objectives

  1. Challenge the notion, through performance data, that students from the 'digital generation' possess a basic computing and Internet literacy.  Destroy assumptions of students possessing basic computing and Internet skills.

  2. Understand that preparation for students to use computing and Internet technologies in the public school system is marginal at best; inconsistent at worst. Students do not have enough quality formal and informal learning experiences connected with developing computing and Internet technology skills.

  3. Based on the results of this study, speak to the need of providing future educators with planned, appropriate formal learning experiences and to encourage every student to develop their own 'self-directed' informal learning system.

Presentation Abstract

Results of the study showed senior education majors demonstrating better computing and Internet skills and experiencing more formal and informal learning experiences versus freshmen education majors.

Overall, both groups showed marginal computing and Internet skills / knowledge. The exception was senior Marketing/Business Education and senior Technology Education majors.

The data collection instruments used in this study were the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³®) exam by Certiport and the Computing and Internet Skills Learning Experiences survey designed and developed by the researcher.

The results of the study show that...

Basic computing and Internet competency should not only be an outcome of Marketing / Business educators, but all teacher preparation programs.

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November 12, 2009